Welcome to Elentec, the little giant renowned for transformation and innovation in the state-of-the-art digital industry.

CEO Message

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  • Since its establishment as Sam Il jung Gong
    Company in March 1978, Elentec has been
    specializing in the electronic and communication
    industry and now has a global network comprising
    the company headquarters in Korea and
    nine overseas branches in five countries.

    The electronic and communications industry
    has been leading the economic growth
    of Korea for some time now. As it is currently
    expanding to various domains, substantial
    improvement of quality is the only means
    of securing global competitiveness.

  • Elentec strives to offer even more powerful global
    competitiveness through transformation and
    innovation to introduce Korea’s outstanding
    technology and products in the borderless
    global competitive environment.

    Consolidating its position as a global powerhouse
    with outstanding products highlighted in the
    world markets, Elentec is truly a little giant in the
    state-of-the-art digital industry.
    Elentec is committed to innovative product
    development using a Systematic production system
    to provide the utmost satisfaction to customers
    by making life ever more convenient for them.


CEO Elentec Se-yong Lee