R&D & Quality

Welcome to Elentec, the little giant renowned for transformation and innovation in the state-of-the-art digital industry.

Policies of Quality and Safety

meet the customer expectation for compliance of law
and customer requirements on design, development,
production and additional services.
Also in production, we take our socially responsible and
ethical by protection of the environment and respect
for man’s life and dignity.
To protect the environment and provide a pleasant and
safe workplace , we continue to support the following divisions.
  • Compliance with product safety and other regulatory
  • Secure market competitiveness by continuous improvement of the quality of products and new product development
  • Supply best quality products through sanitation management of processes and products
  • Maximize customer satisfaction through minimize defective products and perfect follow-up management
  • Minimizing water and air pollutant emission quantity
  • Minimizing pollutant emission quantity through reuse and recycling of wastes
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • Environmental contamination minimization in whole production processes
  • Prevention of detection and leakage of harmful substance from productions
  • Create a safe and pleasant workplace