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Recent Development

Development Subject

Products Detail Client
Battery Pack Small size
  • Be in possession of PCM, Pack production unification and design
    technology in Korea
  • Develop mobile battery slim PCM
  • Develop mobile phone, tablet PC, wearable device, lab top computer, camcorder battery pack
Samsung Electronics
Medium-Large size
  • Develop E-bike, electric scooter, EV, ESS protection circuit and BMS
  • Develop power tool, robot cleaner, medical device battery pack
  • Develop portable ESS (320W, 640W), 3Kwh ESS for family use
Samchuly, Alton sports, Kyeyang, Milelle, Samsumg Medison
Mobile Case
  • Develop mobile case (Injection, painting, metalize, laser machining)
Samsung Electronics
TV Accessory
  • Develop 3D glasses, remote controller
  • Develop TV/Monitor component and module
Samsung Electronics, SONY
  • Develop mobile phone/medical device charger
Samsung Electronics
Navigation, PMP
  • iubi PMP (4.3”), Navigation (7”) built-in HDD, wireless internet, DMB etc.
  • Develop plug in hybrid car distributed BMS
Hyundai Mobis
Smart glasses
  • Develop monocular/binocular smart glasses
Government task
Wireless Charger
  • Mobile inductive wireless charging technology development completion

Government Task

Subject Development Period Project Title
Development of dual board multi board interactive wireless charging fusion technology 2010.10 ~ 2013.02 Industrial origin development of industrial technology
Development of magnetic energy based large area high output wireless power greed system technology 2012.06 ~ 2013.02 Royalty supporting business
Development of smart vision see-through smart glasses open flatform 2012.06 ~ 2015.03 Industrial fusion development of industrial technology
Development of smart phone based central drive type E bike kit using high efficiency component 2015.06 ~ 2017.05 Technology development support business for bicycle marine leisure equipment
Development of three-wheeled micro mobility reflect needs of user 2015.06 ~ 2017.05 Design, Fusion, Micro-mobility. New Industry. Ecosystem business of construction
Development of smart headwear and contents technology for bicycle sports and tourism service 2015.08 ~ 2017.07 Sports industrial technology development business